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For loading and unloading of ships and the strip of containers is Dorrestijn the terminal specialist. Especially in this industry is speed important. Our years of experience and efficient work, you can rest assured that your product quickly and expertly loaded or unloaded. In addition, we, within our organization because we have short lines, easy switching and speed cargo processing.

Dorrestijn specializes in loading and unloading of "Forrest products. The world of sawn wood, oriented strand board, pulp, timber and sheet material has no secrets for us. Naturally you also come to us with other loads. In all cases you can expect from our competitive rates.

We provide, as an independent ship terminal, a wide range of activities. Besides our core business we also offer transport and storage. Dorrestijn as a partner with you from the time of shipment and delivery at the right place, not to worry about your cargo.